Monday, March 17, 2008

Meet Victoria!

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our line, VICTORIA - our fanciful jewelry roll with organization for your necklaces, rings, earrings and more. Roll her up and tie securely with the darling ribbon tie. Perfect gift for mom (Mom's Day is just around the corner!) or traveling.

With great pleasure I'd like to introduce you to the name behind the accessory.

Meet the real Victoria!
A delightful and creative woman, mother to Pam B. 1154 LILL's LILL on Location division director.

Let's get to know Victoria by learning about her favorite things:

Favorite LILL Bag style: PAMELA

One unique or funny thing you carry in your bag: "A tape measure."

Children: "Matt, Peter and Pamela."

Pets: "Miss Em., a golden retriever."

Favorite TV show: "Masterpiece Theatre."

Favorite Celebrity: "Susan Sarandon"

Last great book you read: "Water for Elephants"

Heroes and Mentors: "My maternal grandmother and mythree children who provide constant inspiration."

Favorite Food or Recipe: "Risotto--any kind."

Hobbies or Activities important to you: "Walking,biking, reading, and refurbishing houses."

It was great getting to know you more, Victoria!

-Lilly S.

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