Friday, September 14, 2007

I Love My LILL Bag - Contest WINNER!

We had such an amazing response to our "I Love My LILL Bag" online contest. It was certainly hard to choose from all of the sweet (some silly - but fun!) poems and delightful write ups. Our staff had fun getting to know you (our "LILL Girls") a little more personally. We appreciate all the thoughtfulness that went you’re your entries, but unfortunately we were only able to choose 1 grand prize winner.

Congrats to Kellie S. our 1st place winner for our "I Love my LILL Bag" contest!

The popularity of Lill purses
grows faster every day.
From the store onto our shoulders
They have quickly made their way.

I was first brought into the store
where I designed a purse for my Birthday.
I was awestruck at the colors and patterns
not quite sure what to even say.

The finished product was perfect
for it was creative, fun and bright.
Do I dare think about another one?
Having two Lill purses - I just might!

I arrived at a bachelorette party,
and couldn't believe my eyes.
Lill studio was the there ready and waiting,
and my purse total was beginning to rise.

Now I had one jealous sister
and two amazing purses from Lill.
I used them so often I thought,
three purses? I think I will!

Once again I entered the Lill store
with three of my friends behind me.
We spent the afternoon playing mix and match
now how jealous my sister would be.

Thank you Lill Studio
for making a simple purse into so much more
They are creative, fun and unique
I have no doubt I will be back in your store.
(with my sister this time!)

Kellie S.

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