Friday, September 14, 2007

We Cheated - LILL Contest Extened!

OK, so I know we said there would only be ONE Grand Prize Winner, but it was simply too hard to choose just one! We decided to extended the contest to include 2 runner ups that also received a high amount of votes, but just not quite enough for 1st place. We just couldn't let them go with out a special thank you and a little treat to use towards their next LILL Bag.

Congrats to our 2 runners up!

I'm OBSESSED!!!! I am completely out of my mind obsessed beyond ever with BAGS! My sister-in-law brought me to a “local Lill” party while home visiting in Minnesoooootah. Hmmm, a purse party in the Midwest? I had my reservations. To my surprise it was the most FABULOUS party EVER and I went mad BANANAS! I seriously get the strangest most excited feeling when I'm around fabric, its freaky. Rummaging through fantastic fabrics and custom designing from a slew of baggalicious designs, does it get any better? I was shopping on a fabric HIGH, so dangerous! Thanks to my momma and my birthday quickly approaching I got to design two bags (which sent me into a decision making frenzy btw). With summer on the brink and inspiration of upcoming travels to Palm Springs, I had to create something that would accessorize my trip beautifully. Weeks of waiting and excessively contemplating my decision, I was tickled giddy when my “Jeanne” and “Andi” bags arrived on my Long Beach doorstep. They were AMAZING, DELICIOUS, everything I had hoped they’d be and matched smashingly on VACA in Palm Springs!Thank you LILL for my lovely ladies!!!
Jenny W.

Behind the Bag
Each of my seven bags represents a different time in my life. When I reach for one, I cannot help but smile thinking of the story behind it.

12/2001 = I received my 1st bag as a birthday present from my sister-in-law. It was the perfect accessory for life after college.

08/2002= During a summer road trip, I stopped at the store and designed my 2nd bag, a Polly. There were a few fights with my boyfriend, but we all make sacrifices for fashion!

12/2002= My boyfriend (same one) got me my 3rd bag, a Pamela, for my birthday and started one of my favorite traditions. A Lill bag on my birthday….knew he was a keeper!

12/2003= Received my 4th bag, a Lynne, from boyfriend turned fiancé.

06/2004 = I needed the perfect teacher/work bag and designed an Erika as my 5th bag.

12/2004 = My fiancé turned husband allowed me to design 3 Lucy bags online and choose the one he liked best for my 6th Lill purse.
12/2006 = My last bag, a Diana, is perfect for toting around my daughter Cecilia’s many goodies….she is 7 months and eager to borrow Mommy’s unique purses!
Meredith H.

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Jenny said...

what a fun surprise! thank u LILL for being so generous in offering a runner's up position and my gift certificate! with your new additions, fabulous classics and delicious fabrics, i'm not sure how i'll decide which LILL to create next. i'll have to buy two :)

thanks again, i'm such a fan!