Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet Jules!

Summer is officially in full swing, and we have the perfect bag for all your warm weather activities! Jules is our newest style and this mini messenger bag will be your favorite in no time. Its smaller size and adjustable strap make it the quintessential bag to accompany you to all those summer concerts, block parties and festivals. A hands free strap allows you to travel with ease, and an interior zipper pocket helps keep you organized.

The real Jules is much like our new style- adorably cute, and quite charming! Please meet the name behind the bag...

LILL: Besides your namesake, what’s your favorite LILL style?
JULES: My favorite LILL style is the PAULA! It’s my favorite bag for carrying all of my dance and poms clothes!

LILL: What’s one unique or funny thing you always carry in your bag?
JULES: I always have kleenex and bags of food!

LILL: Why are you most excited to have a LILL bag named after you?
JULES: I've never had anything named after me before!

LILL: Any kids and/or pets?
JULES: A dog named Sawyer

LILL: If you could visit one place in the world, where would you go?
JULES: Greece

LILL: If you could have dinner with five people, living or deceased, who would they be?
JULES: Beyonce, Michael Jackson, James Franco, Gandhi, and David Beckham

LILL: What’s your favorite movie or TV show?
JULES: Harry Potter

LILL: Who’s your favorite celebrity? Ever meet anyone famous?
JULES: Beyonce is my favorite celebrity! No, unfortunately I have not ever met anyone famous.

LILL: Which superpower so you wish you had?
JULES: I wish I could remember everything I read or saw so that I could be uber smart.

LILL: Who’s your hero/mentor?

LILL: What’s your favorite food?
JULES: I will eat anything!

LILL: What hobbies or activities are important to you?
JULES: Dancing and helping those in need

LILL: Anything you would like to say about Laurie, the person who named the bag after you? JULES: Laurie is my sister, I look up to her and love her very much!

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