Friday, December 10, 2010

Not Ready for a Goodbye...Maybe Just a See You Later

I wish there was an appropriate way to show my gratitude towards
Lill, but I feel as though all forms just fall short. My time here as the marketing intern is something I will never forget and never stop being appreciative for. The incredible staff has been overly generous, kind, and patient with me this semester as I have learned the ropes;I could not have been surrounded by more genuine people.
Today is my final day, and boy have I been dreading this since the get-go. I have fallen in love with a city, its' energy, people, opportunities, beauty, and most of all Lill and the incredible "family" that holds it all together.

As much as I didn't want today to come, now that it's here I'm ready to make the most of it! What makes this so easy is that my amazing supervisor brought this incredible spread of breakfast foods to celebrate my leaving along with the gift of one of Lill's beautiful bags! Lill, way too generously, allowed me to design my own bag before leaving and I picked out a LEXIE in Onyx Honeycomb
and Raspberry Fizz (pictured here).
While I am in no way ready to leave Chicago and all it offers, I am very thankful to be going home to celebrate the holidays with my wonderful family and friends! Even though I do not plan on saying a permanent goodbye to Lill, I think I can handle a"See you later". So, "See you later Lill", it's been more than I ever could have imagined and you will always hold a dear place in my heart :)

All the best,


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