Friday, November 12, 2010

Nothing Short of Bittersweet...

Good afternoon ladies of Lill,

After reading the two previous blog entries I realized that I in no way can compete with their exciting and beautifully touching stories-goodness I've only been apart of Lill for a semester and the "Tapestry ELLIE" story nearly made me cry! As I try to recover from that tender act of kindess presented by Lill employees, I say we dive into my life; a college student winding down an incredible semester in Chicago!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and its been so exciting seeing all that Lill has done in preparation actually come together! I have absolutely fallen in love with a few of our new designs and feel as though I will not be leaving empty-handed come December :)

The only sad part about the upcoming holidays is that my time here at Lill and in Chicago is nearly up...

While my family and friends from home have been dearly missed, these past 3 months have been nothing short of life changing and nearing the end is painfully bittersweet. Seeing how so many things have progressed while I'm here like...the DAB kits, gift guide, etc. it's going to be incredibly challenging to let go; this position has been such a blessing!!

Even though I am whole-heartedly ready to make the most of these next few weeks both at work and in the city, I know Lill will be greatly missed once my residence is once again in the "mitten state". So while I am dealing with mixed emotions, make sure that you keep an eye out for all the AMAZING things Lill will be doing for the upcoming holidays!


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