Friday, November 5, 2010

Dig out the Winter Wardrobe...but Don't Forget the Rest!

Hey Ladies-
While it is no surprise that seasons are changing, especially here in the midwest, the first bitterly-cold, bone-chilling breezes are always a shock to the system. Especially now that it is November, I find it time to hunt through storage and pull out all the big bulky sweaters, wool socks, and outerwear...
Even though winter may be grayer, colder, and gloomier in regards to weather and often-times fashion choices, we do not need to fall into that pattern again this year!
I started brainstorming a few ways to remain vibrant, stylish, fun, and playful even during the long winter months and I thought they may help inspire you a bit to keep your spirit and style up this season-
  1. Don't pack away those colorful camis-even a small pop of color beneath a neutral top can liven up both your wardrobe and your day

  2. Keep mixing it up with fun accesories like jewelery, headbands, purses, hats/gloves, and fingernail polish; it is no time to get boring!

  3. Try a new fragrance-it's an inexpensive way to spice up your everyday

  4. Keep active-that natural, healthy glow cannot be outdone! Don't let cold weather be your excuse to hibernate-get a new workout video or try a fun aerobics class!

Ladies don't let these chillier months get you down-just think of them as a new opportunity to express yourself and stand out from the dreary backdrop!!



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