Friday, October 15, 2010

To Train or Not to Train....

With the holidays quickly approaching this really is the question....

While summer may be the "most important" time to be in shape because of those unforgiving bikinis, the holiday season may be just as integral.

Don't think for a second that I do not adore all the treats and trimmings that come along this time of the year, I welcome them with open arms, but staying fit throughout this feasting period can be very beneficial. Seeing as the average person adds about 10lbs to their frame during these few glorious months of celebration, it is easy to see why getting into that swimsuit come vacation time is a little painful.

What I thought i'd do this week was give a few helpful hints for enjoying the upcoming holidays while staying fit!

A Few Tips...
  • Don't count each and every calorie you consume-don't miss out on the dishes you love, just be aware

  • Use dressings and gravy sparingly-these are surprisingly high in fat and calories, so beware!

  • Keep drinking H2O and make sure to drink those alcoholic beverages in moderation
  • Do some of the outdoor chores. These activities make a difference both on your "to-do" list and on your scale!

  • Overall enjoy-if you add a few pounds it's not the end of the world but continuing to stay active throughout the season will make trimming those few lbs much easier come spring!

Best of luck!!


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