Monday, March 2, 2009

Inspiration Behind the Simply Chic Collection

Each season our team evaluates our current collection of styles and makes decisions about new styles to incorporate in the upcoming seasons. For Spring 2009, we are introducing a new collection of styles to our line. We have titled them the "Simply Chic" collection. Our design goal for this collection was to introduce simple, yet stylish, silhouettes that won't break the bank. The result is the introduction of CHLOE, CHARLOTTE and CHARLIE. These styles offer our customers exciting new options for bridal, special occasion or everyday use. Pair your favorite new LILL style - CHLOE, CHARLOTTE or CHARLIE - with our fresh new spring fabrics for a chic look this season.

I know you’ll find a Simply Chic bag that is simply you. We hope you enjoy these new styles and we look forward to creating with you very soon.

Happy Spring!

Jen Velarde – Owner and Founder

1 comment:

marie said...

I want a long straped bag sooooo bad but i have no money to buy one but maybe one day i'll get money to buy one