Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February Team HQ Team Member of the Month!

February's HQ Team Member of the Month is.....Donna C. from LILL' Parts and Pieces Department.

Donna is originally from Dayton, OH and has been with LILL almost 5 years now. She is a genuine person and is always willing to help. Her contagious laugh echoes throughout production and she brings a smile to everyone she meets.

Donna is always warm and welcoming! She is very helpful in finding easy solutions to sometimes challenging tasks and voluntarily makes herself available to help out whenever someone needs it. Kind, resourceful, giving, willing helper and friendly are good words to describe this month’s LILL person of the month, Donna!

Let's get to know more about Donna by learning of her favorite things!

Favorite LILL style? "MOLLY, SOPHIE, DENISE - so many to choose from!"

Top 3 fabric picks:
"Watercolor Pond, Hula Girl, Black Basketweave and all our new spring fabrics!"

What do you love most about working for LILL? "Oh my, working with all the great people at Lill everyday."

Do you have a nickname? "Doona Jane, LOL, BUT TRUE!"

Where did you last go on vacation? "Spent a week with me family in Ohio, Indiana."

Anything else fun you’d like to share? "I just love life :)"

Thanks Donna for being a bright spot in our days, you are truly a joy to work with.

-Lilly S.

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