Friday, January 2, 2009

Featured LILL Girls!

We've had many LILL Girls come to us with great enthusiasm about our concept and brand who enjoy spreading the word about their LILL experience. And that's really what's unique about LILL, more than the fun and fashionable styles and fabrics, it's the experience you get when you gather your group of girls and design fun and unique creations.

There is a particular group of girls who love the LILL experience so much they've hosted 5 parties between the 8 of them in the past 1 and 1/2 years! What a fun way to make sure you spend quality time with your girlfriends.

Let's get to know these LILL enthusiasts from Ann Arbor, MI a little more!

How did you all become friends?
"Through work. Some of us have since moved on to different companies, but we met originally at the same company. LILL parties are one of the ways we spend time together. We also celebrate holidays and each other's birthdays by getting together for fun activities (birthday girl's choice!)."

What began your love for LILL?
"One of our friends, Colleen (not pictured, though her bags are!), had designed a LILL purse at a home party a couple of years ago. Every time we saw her carrying her LILL bag, we complimented her on it and asked her where she got it. About a year later, after finding out Colleen's sister, Jenna, had recently become a LILL demonstrator in the Ann Arbor area, we booked our own home party right away. After one party, we were all smitten! We had so much fun designing our bags, but getting them in the mail 3 weeks later was even better! We love the endless design possibilities and look forward to the new fabrics and styles each season, as well as sharing our love of LILL with others."

4. How long have you all been LILL girls?
"With Colleen's first bag in 2006, but the love for LILL pictured in the photograph truly began in July 2007."

How many bags do you own?
"Collectively amongst the 8 of us, we have designed 57 LILL products, most of them bags, but also accessories, including Lulu, Connor, Anne, and Joey.
We've given several designed items as gifts as well.

What is your favorite LILL style?
"I'd have to say we're most fond of BRIDGET, MOLLY/LUCY, and ANDI. Several of us own these styles, with some of us having designed more than one bag for ourselves in the same style."

Top 3 fabric picks:

"Stained glass window--we love color combination and the texture of the flocking in this fabric.

Inferno--we love the bright colors.

Marmalade Swirls--great pattern and color."

If I were the owner of LILL for a day, I would...
"Spend some time writing personal notes to put into LILL bags, like little fortune cookies, saying things like "you're a fabulous LILL girl!" :-) I'd also invite some customers in to see LILL bags being made."

Thanks so much for sharing your story and your love for LILL!

-Lilly S.

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