Friday, October 3, 2008

Custom Design a Pillow for your Home!

We just launched our new pillow named JASMINE! Now you can custom design throw pillows to decorate your home. The really fun thing about the JASMINE is that you have three choices. You can design the pillow by itself or you can add an accent stripe and/or a ruffle. It is really fun to mix and match different fabrics together.

I am so excited to design two JASMINE'S to put on my living room sofa. I have a chocolate brown and light blue theme in my living room. Here is what I came up with:

I love the whimsical brown circles that are floating on the background of the JASMINE. I added a cool pop of color with the Meridian Blue stripe and a fun ruffle in the chocolate brown honeycomb patterned Teak Honeycomb.

I think that these two new pillows will make a great addition to my home. You can design your own JASMINE online now! I had so much fun designing these pillows!

Happy Designing!
- Emily R.

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Erin - Providence LILL Rep said...

This color combo would work great in my living room. Thanks Em!