Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Emily's Pick of the Week - Bridal Inspiration!

Hey LILL Fans!
This week, I thought I’d spotlight a LILL bride. Many ladies choose to design a special LILL item for each of their bridal attendants. You can make an appointment with one of our bridal consultants to discuss your style and fabric choices. Also, you can enjoy a 10% bridal discount if you order 5 or more of the same or similar style bags. It’s a super creative and unique gift. You can choose different fabrics to suit each girls’ personality. Whenever your girls use their LILL bag, they will think of you and your wedding!

Spotlight on Jeana M. from PA. Jeana designed 5 GRACE’s for her each of her bridesmaids and a DREA for her maid of honor. For GRACE, you get to choose the exterior, ruffle, interior and interior pocket.

Take a look at the darling combinations that Jeana came up with.

For the first GRACE, Jeana chose the versatile Malabar Paisley fabric with a dainty chocolate brown and tan design atop a cream background. The external ruffle contains the shiny Dark Roast Sateen. The interior boasts the enchanting Mystic Mahogany and the secret pocket has the Dark Roast Sateen again.

The next GRACE has some great pops of color! The exterior has the bright and sunny Yellow Stone fabric (one of my personal favorites!). The ruffle is a cool contrast in the fuchsia Rosita fabric. The interior is truly eye catching with the psychedelic Day Tripper. The interior pocket has a bright burst of Rosita.

The next GRACE is perfect for the “pink lady” in your circle of friends. The exterior is covered with the tweedy Strawberries ‘n Cream fabric. The ruffle stands out in the pink Rhubarb Weave. The interior is adorable with the pink, yellow, green and cream paisley Kashmir fabric. The secret pocket is the pink Rhubarb Weave.

The fourth GRACE has the mod blue Aqua Beads on the exterior. A Red Basketweave ruffle delivers an interesting contrast with the Aqua Beads exterior. The interior is covered with the dainty cherry blossoms of Hanky Panky. The secret pocket has a pop of Red Basketweave.

The last GRACE boasts the very popular black and cream Flocked Floral. This fabric has velvety black flowers on a cream backdrop. The ruffle matches in Black Shantung. The interior flows with the red and cream flowers of Turning Tulips. The interior pocket shines in Ebony Sateen.

The DREA bag that Jeana designed for her maid of honor is a reversible bag! The exterior is covered in a classy black, white and pink design of the Vanity Fair fabric. The external stripe is in the bright pink of Bubble Gum Linen. The interior is in the whimsical black and white Ink Swirls (another one of my favorites!). The secret pocket and the strap have the pink Bubble Gum Linen.

I would like to thank Jeana M. for choosing to make LILL a part of her special day.

Remember, LILL Bags are also great to carry if you are attending a wedding. Finally, something to spice up that little black dress.
For all you brides out there, be sure to enter our Bridal Contest!


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