Friday, February 1, 2008

Featured 'LILL Girl' - Meet Amy!

There are so many LILL fans out there that love LILL's product and enjoy spreading the word about their experience. Their enthusiasm and dedication is what makes LILL the dynamic company it is today.

Each month I will be featuring a LILL Girl.

Meet Amy K. from Woodridge, IL. LILL Girl since 2005.

Do you have any special hobbies? "I make Swarovski jewelry and show an antique car in the summer."

Any fun facts you’d like to share? "I play the French Horn and I have over 150 handbags."

What began your love for LILL ? "My sister-in-law introduced me to LILL."

How many LILL Bags do you own? 8

What’s your favorite LILL handbag style? "ALLY and ANDI"

Top 3 fabric picks: Emerald City, Pearly Gates and Houndstooth Deville.

What would you do if you were LILL Queen for a day? "I would branch out and by using the existing handbag styles select a local artist to design a limited edition handbag of the artist's choice. Each bag would be numbered and maybe have a slightly modified LILL tag. It would widen the spectrum of LILL's clientele. The local artist could be a musician as well."

Amy recently designed an ANDI Bag online to add to her collection. She chose Pearly Gates for the exterior and Midnight for the interior and strap. Here is a sneak preview of her creation.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas Amy!

-Lilly S.

Hey girls!
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