Monday, November 19, 2007

Traveling in Style

With the Holidays just around the corner I realized many of you "LILL Girls" (and boys!) would be traveling to visit friends and family very soon. This inspired me to find helpful ways to travel the "LILL" way. I spoke with our marketing coordinator, Bridget, who recently traveled to New Hampshire to attend an e-commerce seminar. She helped me gather some helpful tips when traveling.

Here's how to travel according to Bridget:
"I’d be there for 2 days and 1 night. As I’m not the biggest fan of checking in luggage, I decided to pack smartly and load up a carry on (or 2) of my belongings for my venture. I called upon a few friends for help.

DONNA graciously held my laptop, PJ’s and change of clothes.

While Tara was equipped for traveling essentials and entertainment. A couple of tag-alongs came too that kept me well organized and ready for the trip through security. LIZ worked as my wallet/cell phone holder and LESLIE held all my toiletries. Both were snuggled together in my TARA.

Wow! Did I look chic, not to mention organized and ready! My trip went smoothly and I had fun with my “friends”."

Thanks so much for the tips on how to travel in style, Bridget!

Here are a couple more tips for travel:

If you are traveling with liquids, you may not bring any containers that have over 3 oz of liquid. You can bring up to 1 qt. size zip lock baggy worth. See the Transport Security Administration's website for more information. Wear slip-ons with socks. I know it sounds “old lady-ish” but your life will be a lot easier when traveling through security. Taking your shoes off is one thing, walking totally barefoot in the airport is another. You’ll thank me for it later!

Happy travels!

-Lilly S.

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junation said...

That's information that will help me given how busy my local airport is.