Friday, November 9, 2007

Lilly Loves Fabrics!

The Holidays are drawing closer. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I'm in need of things to accent my home and create that warm, inviting feeling that says "sit, relax, stay a while...".
I’m feeling a little crafty and would like to whip up some pillows and table accents. What should I use? Where can I find great fabric to help accent my home?

LILL, of course! 1154 LILL now sells cut-yardage of fabric. (in-store and thru LILL on Location reps now – online SOON!) The same fabric that LILL offer as options for your custom handbag! LILL scours the country for the finest designer textiles and has had so many people interested in purchasing it over the years and is excited to be able to extend this segment of the line to you (and me!).

LILL is calling the new fabric-sales division “LILL By The Yard” and it’s exciting to see the creativity behind the projects that people are coming up with! LILL fabrics have been purchased to create big lounging pillows, table runners, stretched-fabric artwork, wedding accessories, slipcovers, drapes and much more!

Got any good home decorating ideas that I can use LILL Fabric for to spice up my home d├ęcor?
Email me -, I'd love to hear your ideas!
-Lilly S.

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