Friday, September 21, 2007

'Green' is the new black!

You’ve seen an eco friendly Emmy event and everyday we learn more and more about the devastation we are bringing to the earth’s environment. Everyone needs to do their part. From recycling, using low flush toilets and driving hybrids there are many ways to be ‘green’ in your everyday life.
The days of the granola hippies are passing by. You don’t have to live in a tree to live a ‘green life’.
Now you can be fashionable and 'green' at the same time with a LILL handbag!
Green Stalk” is our very 1st eco-friendly fabric. Made entirely of post-consumer recycled plastic, Green Stalk’s darling green and charcoal leaf pattern will help you create a chic handbag that will compliment any outfit in your wardrobe. Now you can be fashionably ‘green'!


Eb said...

Thanks for the LOVE! I'm still "designing" my bag. :)

Jamie said...

So exciting for LILL ... this just in from the design dept ... we will be introducing lots more eco-friendly fabrics this spring. More post-industrial recycled polys (meaning that these fabrics are made from recycled plastic water bottles) and also our first organic cotton solids! Additionally, we already carry many fabrics made from renewable natural fibers - cotton, linen, ramie, flax, jute, and silk. Fiber content of our fabrics is listed online so that you can make informed and conscientious decisions.

Elizabeth said...

This is great! I love your company and products, and am very glad that you're taking this step. Every small step helps. Hopefully someday soon I can go into a LILL store and see a whole rack of eco-friendly fabrics!